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Xcite Boost 100


Xcite Boost 100
smooth pressure

26" Aluminium telescopic fork with post mount system

Special features:
"Flap-Design". 36mm stanchions. Straight-Dropout-Design. All this features the extreme stiffness and the extravagant looks. Special bush bearings from the aircraft industry produce the very smooth response and almost friction free movement of Xcite. Advanced forge technologies and CNC milled, high alloyed aluminium are aboard as usual with german:A..

Travel can be continuously adjusted either manually or via the optional remote control. The lock-off is equipped with a blow of valve. 15+20 / 110 mm linchpins with quick release system are available.

Remote control for adjusting travel (poploc) 89,00 EUR  plus ~ 82 g

Lockout 99,00 EUR  plus ~ 60 g

Linchpin 15 mm / Linchpin 20 mm with quick release system

100 mm from 1.445 g


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