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Wireless PowerMeter - Rotor 3D Compact

The SRM Wireless Professional Rotor 3D Compact (8 strain gauges) has an accuracy of ±2%. The Wireless PowerMeter has a 130/110BCD and a 24mm steel axle. It comes with standard chainrings 50/34 (NO-Q Rings) and includes the Rotor bottom bracket BB1.

Note: If you want to mount Q-Rings they need to have two different BCD - big ring 130mm BCD, small 110mm BCD!


  • SRM Wireless PowerMeter
  • Cranks
  • Chainrings
  • Rotor bottom bracket BB1 (96g)
PowerMeter weight: - g excl. BB
Battery lifetime: 1400 h
Q-Factor: 147mm
Power and Cadence transfer via: Wireless only (ANT+Sport)


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