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SUPERNOVA E3 PRO, Terraflux lens, with multimount

SUPERNOVA E3 PRO, Terraflux lens, with multimount


  • Multimount‐Version
  • NEW! Approved by German law!
  • Terraflux‐lens with wide, homogenous beam
  • CREE LED with highest efficiency level
  • Extra strong, fully automated stand light
  • Improved beam pattern for road use
  • Multimount worth 14,95 € included!
  • Protective anodised aluminium body, approx. 130 g, 40x40x65 mm


The E3 PRO Multimount with glare-free terraflux lens is now available in five more colours:

  • White coated - white: out of stock. available again from february 2011
  • Anodized blue
  • Anodized green
  • Anodized red
  • Anodized orange

Please choose your colour above.

Limited edition!
Waiting time up to 10 weeks if not in stock.

Anodised colours may deviate.

Optional: even brighter LED, not approved by German law

The optional version with even brighter Cree XPG R5 LED is not approved for use on German roads. You can choose this version above.

Please note:

After extended periods of inactivity, the stand light needs an initial one-time charge of ca. 15 min. brisk cycling. It will not work with an old-style incandescent rear light!


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