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SUPERNOVA AIRSTREAM international version


SUPERNOVA AIRSTREAM international version without German traffic law approval

The SUPERNOVA AIRSTREAM offers extreme brightness and great versatility in a water-resistant, compact all-aluminium housing. Thanks to its groundbreaking heat management, the LED and Lithium-ion battery do not overheat, which ensures their longevity and continuous excellent performance.


• Li-Ion battery with 2500 mAh capacity= 9.25 W/h
• Integrated charge electronics for optimized charging
• Power supply for 110-240 V
• 80% quick charging in 4 hours
• Deep discharge protection
• USB-charging capability (with optional cable)
• 4 brightness settings (2.5-24+ hrs burn time)
• CREE XPG R5 LED with 370 Lumens max. brightness!
Ultra light aluminium housing with protective anodization
• Stainless steel bolts
• Computer-calculated AIRSTREAM cooling fins
• 19 cooling channels for optimized heat dissipation
• Removable mounting bracket with 2-axis adjustment
• For 25.4/26.0/31.6 mm handlebars and stems
• 2 UV-resistant mounting o-rings with 5-year warranty
• Slip-resistant Supernova logo on pull flap
• 165 g – 105 x 40 mm
• 4-level burn time indicator with final warning signal
• Illuminated control button
• Low-travel, glove-friendly activation
• Safety side illumination
• Self-regulating cooling electronics with micro-step adjustments for optimal efficiency in hot environments.

International version with: • Additional 4th brightness setting with 24h burn time
• Additional blinking mode
• 370 Lumens brightness (XPG R5 LED)


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