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Kilo No. 1

Kilo No. 1

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Kilo No.1
best marathon

26" Carbonfork with Aluminiumsteerer and SLR:light Airspring

Date of delivery: available in may 2011

Special features:
For our CFK high performance model “Kilo no.1”, evolution to version 2011 brought another reduction of weight. Kilo no.1 now only weights 1.129 gram. Even though the weight was reduced, “Kilo no.1” version 2011 increases safety just as well. However, the aluminum model also decreased weight with version 2011 as a result of new manufacturing technologies and the new shock “Air-force Kilo”. Now it only weights 1.290 gram. Both designs provide specifications, which apply another standard for their competitors.

Which model of the 2011 Kilo you chose is only your decision, but in any way you will join the group of “Kilo-riders”, who feel the supremacy and the light weight of their suspension fork on every single ride, while knowing to be equipped with the top of technology today.

Optional shocks:
+ SLR:light, shock weight ca. 130 g, air shock with negative chamber
+ AiR-force Kilo, shock weight ca. 170 g, air shock with negative chamber

For racers and heavy bikers we recommend the AiR-force KILO shock, which is also available with lockout and remote control.

+ 26" / 28" / 29"
+ Lockout with remote control (Poploc) - just with the AiR-force Kilo (shock weight ca. 230 g, air shock with negative chamber) possible!
+ V-brake as gripper clamp system
+ Fender mount for fender
+ Modified snap-on fender from SKS (64 mm wide). In combination with the optional fender mount and after mounting a single elbow holder, you can remove and place the fendon without tools.
+ Lightening mount 


90 mm from 1.200 g


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