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smooth pressure

26" Aluminium version with aluminium shaft, Postmountsystem 

Date of delivery: available in end of april 2011

3CC System, for the first time air based suspension can be used without any further compromises even in long travel Suspension forks. Furthermore a very easy to use travel adjustment is already an integral part of the package. Coil Spring lovers know it already, the sad truth, conventional air based suspension systems have way to fl at spring Characteristics in particular for the first 50% of the Travel. Consequently the fork already contracts in the downhill to far, due to wheel-load distribution, which not only renders a lot of the travel useless and leaves to little travel to run over obstacles safely but also shifts the rider’s weight distribution dangerously to the now lower front which requires the rider to compensate. The annoying bumping tendency during pedalling, through the sag percentage of travel, is also another symptom of the unfavourable spring characteristic. The 3CC System is the remedy to for all the previously described problems. It enables an air based suspension, which spring characteristics are not only quite close to a coil spring, but also are far more fl exible in their tuning, thus not only reaching coil spring but even outdoing a coil spring in the flexible fulfilment of individual requirements. With 3CC you have the advantages of a coil spring Characteristic combined with all the advantages of air systems such as light weight and far more easy individual adjustment.

Up side down construction, know and quite common and time tested in high grade Motorcycle suspension. Advantages: In USD construction the highly stressed areas directly at the stanchion/crown joints directly underneath the crown are made up of the larger outer tubes with the largest diameters, thus providing excellent stiffness and stability. The smaller stanchions on the other hand are placed in the less stressed lower regions. The resulting increased overall stiffness prevents tilting, twisting and deformation this leads to a better overall performance and increased safety due to a better control in all riding situations.

As a further bonus the breaking point of the USD stanchion construction is much higher as well. The opulent 44 mm diameter of the outer Tubes directly under the crown in combination with oversized 36 mm immersion tubers in the lower part of the fork provide superior stiffness in combination with low weight. The flame suspension fork with 130 mm of travel weights only 1898 g, already including a 20 mm Axle!

1 1/8" Ahead Steel

On enquiry:
1.5" Taper Alu

130 mm from 1.898 g


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