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E3 PRO lefty mount with symmetrical lens


SUPERNOVA E3 PRO FRONT LIGHT with lefty mount and symmetrical lens

The symmetrical lens offers a far-reaching beam. The lefty mount mounting combines beautiful design with solid aluminium. Only compatible with bicycles with disc brakes.

·Maximum brightness at 4 mph!
· Now with a 5-year guarantee.
· Starts shining at walking speed and reaches near-maximum brightness at 7-8 kmh (ca. 4 mph)
· Twice the brightness of the 2007 version, thanks to new electronics and the new Seoul P4 LED
· With three-minute stand light for front and rear (rear light supplied by front light).
· ca. 140g without cables
· measures only 65 x 40 x 40 mm (2.5 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches)
· LED can be upgraded to the newest version any time! Other lights may become obsolete after only 1-2 years.

The E3 PRO can be mounted on any fork with a central 6mm hole. For bikes with road style caliper brakes already attached there, we recommend the handlebar-mounted version (E161-B). For road bikes with Shimano shifters, we recommend the central handlebar mount (E780) to place the light higher than the cables.

The E3 PRO is compatible with all standard 6V dynamos, not with the Dymotec S12, FER SD12 and other 12V dynamos. Never use the light with batteries!

NEW! Now also available in glossy black.
Choose colour above.

Not compliant with German traffic laws.

After extended periods of inactivity, the stand light needs an initial one-time charge of ca. 15 min. brisk cycling. It will not work with an old-style incandescent rear light!


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