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E3 PRO, Iris lens, with handelbar mount

E3 PRO, Iris lens (symmetrical) , with handelbar mount • Symmetrical „high beam“
SUPERNOVA E3 PRO Iris lens, handlebar mount
• NEW! All-new SUPERNOVA handlebar mount
• NEW! CREE XPG R5 LED with 370 lumen max.!
• NEW! New lens with “iris” eliminates dark beam centre
• Extra strong, fully automatic stand light
• Switch on the back
• NEW! Including new removable handlebar bracket with two UV-resistant o-rings with 5-year warranty for 25.4/26.0 and 31.6 mm handlebars and for stems, worth EUR 16.50
• Including gold connectors worth EUR 9,80
• Aluminium housing, protective anodized, 128 g 40x40x65 mm
Please note:

Not compliant with German traffic regulations.

After extended periods of inactivity, the stand light needs an initial one-time charge of ca. 15 min. brisk cycling. It will not work with an old-style incandescent rear light!


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